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How are the driving lessons?

Teaching tailor made for your needs


Driving lessons for a B license can start at the age of 16. The student/parents/guardians can get in touch through the page here or call the phone number provided on this page We start by going over various practical matters with the student/parents/guardians where the process of driving lessons from start to finish is "framed in". Among other things, the curriculum, study materials, costs and payment terms are reviewed. Driving hours are registered electronically by the driving instructor ( 10-12 driving hours are required before practice driving under supervision can begin and later 3-5 hours to prepare the student for the practical driving test. A total of 15 hours of practical lessons as a minimum plus the theoretical part for which the student is responsible. ​ The student applies for a study permit electronically at by filling out a study permit for driving lessons. The application must be accompanied by a photograph (35*45mm) which must be submitted to the magistrate; health declaration or medical certificate if required. A study permit is valid for 2 years. The magistrate grants a study permit, which must be approved in order for practical teaching to begin. The student starts practical driving lessons with a driving instructor and takes driving school 1-2 at the same time. ​ It is common to start driving school 1 after the first lessons and go to driving school 2 shortly before taking the practical test, so that the learning material is fresh. Before a student can enroll in driving school 3, he must have completed driving school 1 and 2, which are usually taken online, and have completed 12 hours with a driving instructor. After completing driving school 1, 2 and 3, a student can register for a written test with at Frumherji and a student can complete a written test up to 2 months before turning 17. For older students, the right to take a theoretical driving test is obtained after 12 practical driving lessons and driving school 1, 2 and 3 have been completed. The driving instructor registers students for a practical test after a minimum of 15 lessons have been completed. The number of necessary lessons depends entirely on the student's ability and how well they have received training in practice driving with an instructor.


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