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Application for permission to start driving lessons 

To apply for a study permit from the magistrate (Sýslumadur), you need to fill out an application on and submit a passport photo to the magistrate in your district. The link to the application can be found here:

Riding in a Car

Material on the internet

Various information can be accessed on the Internet, and here are examples of some URLs: Note that there is a variety of information on the Internet that is not as good. Don't believe everything and try to stick to quality sources

Driving Instructors Association of Iceland


Motorcycle Training

Application for supervised driving 

To apply for practice driving, a student must have completed at least 10 driving lessons in addition to completing driving school 1. The driving instructor agrees through that the student is ready to drive with an instructor. Instructions on the requirements for applying to be an instructor can be found here along with a link to the application:

Driving Test Report

Videos as teaching material

Woman with Computer

Instructional videos from the traffic office are examples of good and reliable content. Attached are some URLs. click on the text and the video will appear in a new window. The Traffic Bureau has published a number of instructional videos.

Driving in roundabouts:

Entrance and exit lanes:
The Cog wheel method:


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